Sunday, 20 June 2021 | 21:54 WIB

KPK Auction for Confiscated Items Reachs IDR16.5 Billion

Auction at the KPK

JAKARTA, NNC - Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) managed to collect IDR16.5 billion from the auction of items confiscated from corruption suspects.

According to the Coordinator of Asset Tracking Unit of KPK’s Evidence Management and Execution, Irene Putrie, KPK does not determine the target of how much money should be obtained from the auction.

"So we successfully earn IDR16.5 billion," she said in KPK Support Building, Kuningan, Jakarta, on Wednesday (7/25/2018).

Irene continued, KPK is grateful for the achievement of this auction event.  Although the figure of IDR16, 5 billion is still far from the total limit value.

"The total limit value of items being auctioned amount to IDR46 billion, so with the achievement of IDR16 billion in my opinion is Thank God, so there is value that has been recovered," she explained.

To note, about 23 types of confiscated items were auctioned yesterday. Among other things, Kiswah fabric owned by former Minister of Religious Affairs, Suryadharma Ali sold at IDR450 million.

There were at least five types of items being auctioned, including mobile phones, cars, homes, and land.

Some of the confiscated goods auctioned yesterday were owned by Saipul Jamil, which were eight mobile phone from various brands and one digital video recorder (DVR). Because no one wanted to buy them the auctioneer declared the package of those items to be of No Interest.