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Govt Claims Phase I of Jakarta MRT Project Has Reached 95.33 Percent

Phase I of MRT Project Has Reached 95.33 Percent

JAKARTA, NNC - The development progress of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) of South-North corridor project from Lebak Bulus to Hotel Indonesia (HI) Roundabout in Phase I has reached 95.33 percent.

President Director of PT MRT Jakarta William Sabandar said phase I progress overall includes depot & elevated section as well as underground section.

Phase I construction progress can be seen in Lebak Bulus Depot, Haji Nawi Station, Blok M Station, Dukuh Atas Station, Sisingamangaraja Station, Senayan Station, and HI Roundabout (Bundaran HI) Station.

In the June-July timeframe, MRT Jakarta carried out signaling integration tests at depot using the first train, including signaling system test on the main track without train that was carried out on Monday.

MRT Jakarta plans to begin a signaling integration test on the main line using its first train on August 9. Furthermore, the next trains will be brought to trial on December 8.

"In the period of August 14-25, we plan to continue the delivery of four train sets from Tanjung Priok Port to Lebak Bulus Depot," William said in his official statement on Thursday (7/26/2018).

The Jakarta MRT is scheduled to commence commercial operation by the end of March 2019.