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President Jokowi Reviews Village Fund Utilization in Sleman Regency

President Joko Widodo performed a working visit to Yogyakarta Special Region, Wednesday (08/29/2018).

YOGYAKARTA, NNC - President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo performed a working visit to Yogyakarta Special Region, Wednesday (08/29/2018). The President directly reviewed the use of village funds. Together with the group he visited Sendangtirto Village, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta.

There, local residents built a 350-meter irrigation channel from the Klontongan Dam to irrigate the rice fields of the farmers. The development utilizes village funds in the 2018 budget year amounting to IDR192,414,000.

"[I] come to activities related to village funds. The irrigation development activities here I think are also very good, done by the residents themselves," said the President to reporters after the review.

The activity at the same time aims to ensure directly that the local government is accountable for the use of village funds.

"I just want to control whether it is smooth or not and whether the responsibility is difficult or not. That is all," the President said firmly.

It is known, when reviewing the project, the Head of State wanted the irrigation channel being built by the residents to be extended to meet the needs of local residents. He hopes that the infrastructure development will be completed soon so that the government can move to the next stage.

"Economic development in the village is to be more raised if later the infrastructure in the form of roads, irrigation, embankment dams, as well as what is needed [is completed]. There are so many things that have never been completed for decades. Small but very fundamental problems in a village. It is important to raise available productivity in the village," said the President Jokowi in the statement of the Deputy for Protocol, Press and Media of the Presidential Secretariat Bey Mahmudin in Jakarta.

To note, quoting the official website of Sendangtirto Village, in addition to the construction of irrigation channels, in the village there are several development programs which have been completed being entirely funded by village funds.

A number of these projects are the construction of roads in Jetak Hamlet for 126 meters, Gandu Hamlet for 180 meters, Kadipolo Hamlet for 112 meters, Tampungan-Gamelan Hamlet for 185 meters, and the construction of the Sembung-Minggiran irrigation for approximately 270 meters.