Tuesday, 07 December 2021 | 22:42 WIB

Police Find Three Hectare Cannabis Field in Aceh

Police Find Three Hectare Cannabis Field in Aceh

ACEH BESAR, NNC - Aceh Regional Police again found a 3-hectare cannabis field in the Tampeng Paya Dua mountain range, Pulo Village, Lamteuba Settlement, Seulimum Sub-district, Aceh Besar.

Aceh Regional Police Drug Director Senior Commissioner Agus Sartijo said the fields covering an area of three hectares were planted with cannabis stems which amounted to 15 thousand stems. Around the cannabis fields shrubs were planted as camouflage.

"In the fields there were many forest logs cut illegally [illegal logging], but the fields are still covered by bushes which are deliberately used as camouflage," said Agus through a press release on Thursday (08/30/2018).

Agus explained the search for cannabis fields in the Lamteuba mountainous region took place on Wednesday (08/29) around 4-8 pm.

"The height of the plants we found is one to two meters. The age is estimated to be only three to four months. Going to the location was taken by walking as far as 15 km or for two hours," he said.

Furthermore, Agus said that after being discovered and examined, the cannabis field was immediately destroyed. The cannabis trees were pulled from their roots and burned at the site.

"We have not finished destroyed everything because the condition of the day went dark, the destruction was to be continued today to destroy the fields completely," he said.

He added even though his party managed to find the field, it did not know the owners of the field. "Until now farmers who have planted marijuana have not been found," he said.