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BNPB: Here are Seven Choices for Earthquake-Resistant Modern Buildings

Earthquake-Resistant Modern Buildings

JAKARTA, NNC - Head of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Data Center, Information and Public Relations Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said that up to now there are as many as seven earthquake-resistant modern building constructions.

"Here are some choices of earthquake-resistant house models. In addition, there are also traditional houses in various regions in Indonesia that are actually also earthquake-resistant," said Sutopo, quoted from his official Twitter account, @Sutopo_PN, Thursday (8/30/2018).

1. Growing House

Growing House is a house that is designed with a good level of security and considerations about the impact of buildings. This house is the work of Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Yogyakarta.

2. Dome House

The Dome House is a house of buildings built without foundation, so this house allows buildings to be resistant to earthquakes. This house is the work of Prof Ir Nizam MSc PhD.

3. Barrataga House

The Barrataga house is a building with interlocked steel frames, so that it can withstand earthquake shocks. This house is the work of the Yogyakarta Islamic University (UII) Seismicity Specialist, Prof Ir Sarwidi.


RUSPIN stands for Rumah Unggul Sistem Panel Instan (Superior House with Instant Panel System). This building is a precast house frame technology using a bolt connection system. This technology is claimed to be suitable to be applied in earthquake-prone areas. This building is a work of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing.

5. Conwood House

Conwood house has a construction design that is closely related to the material. This panel is made of cement and fiber so it is more flexible against shocks. This house is the work of PT Conwood Indonesia and Kopassus (Army Special Forces Command).


RISHA stands for Rumah Instan Sederhana Sehat (Instant Simple-Healthy House). The building uses reinforced concrete material in its main structure and has been tested for earthquake resistance to magnitude 8 on Richter Scale and 8 Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI). This house is a work of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing.


RIKA stands for Rumah Instan Kayu (Instant Wooden House). RIKA is an instant house that is made from fast-growing low-grade wood so it can withstand earthquake shocks. This house is a work of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing.

"There are many choices. The challenge ahead is how people's houses utilize earthquake-resistant technology," Sutopo said.

He added there are two earthquake-resistant building solutions. The first is making houses with building construction resistant to earthquake shocks and the use of wall reinforcement technology, that is, Poly Propylene Band Mash (PPBM), walls of buildings which are not easily collapsed despite earthquake shaking.