Saturday, 28 May 2022 | 17:12 WIB

Jabal Rahma 02 Motorboat Explodes after Short Circuiting


MAKASSAR, NNC -- The Jabal Rahma Motorboat 02 destination Bonerate Fortress caught fire at Rauf Rahman Benten Port, Selayar District, South Sulawesi, Saturday night, Sept 1.

The boat caught fire while anchoring at the local port. Based on the information received, it was suspected to be caused by a short circuit.

According to the boat's skipper, Muhlis, when the ship was ignited, there was an exploding sound originating from the boat's battery, then followed by black smoke. The fire grew bigger until the bridge, which eventually spread to all parts of the boat.

The ship contained fuel and other basic necessities.

Three fire engines were deployed to the scene as firefighters struggled in taming the fire. The fire was extinguished around 7 pm (Central Indonesian Time) or put out 20 minutes later.

Selayar Island Resort Police Chief Adj. Senior Commissioner Syamsu Ridwan confirmed that no casualities were claimed in the incident.

However, there was one ship crew who suffered burns. "The ship carried seven passengers and five crews. Thank God everyone survived. One crew, Syamsuddin, suffered burns on both legs and was admitted to a hospital," Syamu said.

Ridwan said the ship contained basic necessities, 5-diesel drums, 6-gasoline drums, 70 pieces of LPG tubes. The number of crew members of Jabal Rahma Motorboat is comprise five people, including Maga (50), Marjudin (35), Yusri (18), from Bonerate, Syamsuddin (45) and skipper Muchlis (45).

Local auhorities are still investigating the cause of the incident. Damages are estimated to reach IDR 600 million, citing Antara.