Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | 13:01 WIB

KPAI Discloses Unidentifiable Children Exploitation Modes from Mail Order Brides to Trafficking

KPAI Chairman Susanto

JAKARTA, NNC - The Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) reveals a row of modes of exploitation of children that are difficult to identify, including mail order brides, child prostitution, babies buying and selling and trafficking.

The Chairperson of KPAI Susanto said these various modes work across cities, regions and countries by involving organized syndicates. He assessed in 2018 the modes are more complicated and difficult to identify.

Regarding the mail order brides, this case allegedly flared on the border of West Kalimantan and currently being monitored was what happened in West Java, Purwakarta. Of the 16 victims, three of them were under 18 years old, and until now have not been returned from China.

Next is prostitution involving minors, which is now facilitated by social media. This was the case at the Kalibata City Apartment, South Jakarta, where many teenagers were prostituted, teenagers advertised as massage therapists on social media controlled by pimps.

"Among them is this October. Soekarno-Hatta Airport Police have thwarted the sending of potential massage therapists to Bali," Susanto said during a press conference at the KPAI Office on Wednesday (10/24/2018).

Also according to KPAI's observation in Makassar, teenagers have wrestled with prostitution for the past year. They are used to peddling themselves and through advertisements in groups.

The child commercial sex exploitation targets those who drop out of school to be employed as song guides at karaoke places. This is like young females from Malang Regency who were sent to Papua, but end up having to serve as prostitutes.

"In other cases, parents sold their own children to adult men to fulfill daily [needs]. Exploitation reveals a very cruel face of slavery, in addition to draining the child's energy, selling sexual services is only for material gain," said Susanto.

The practice of buying and selling babies also now utilizes social media. The case of buying and selling babies in Surabaya is done through a closed group that facilitates discussion between parents who expect children with those who have difficulty bringing up/caring for children. The conversation was then followed up through the private chat with each other, until transaction is reached.

"This is what gives a gap in the practice of buying and selling babies under the guise of illegal adoption, and so on. The latest case from Surabaya is still likely to develop, two babies have been sold through the social media," explained Susanto.