Saturday, 04 December 2021 | 21:40 WIB

Standing below PKB in Survey, This is Golkar Strategy to Raise Electability Rate

Deputy Chairperson of the Golkar Party Honorary Council, Akbar Tandjung

JAKARTA, NNC - Deputy Chairperson of the Golkar Party Honorary Council, Akbar Tandjung, advised Golkar officials and cadres in the region to fight to increase party electability because based on the results of a survey from the Kompas R&D, the electability of the party bearing the banyan tree stood at fourth position, even under the National Awakening Party (PKB).

"I really conveyed in the meeting [with cadres in the district], that this [survey] really became a note and serious attention from all party infrastructure or party stakeholders so that we take various steps that can guarantee that our vote acquisition is high," said Akbar Tandjung in Depok, West Java, Thursday (10/25/2018).

"We must make serious preparations so that we can ensure that our vote increases. Increased vote acquisition also results in increased seats in Parliament. Even with the increase in seats in the Parliament, we hope our party can be a winner," he continued.

To increase the electability of Golkar, continued the former Chairperson of the House of Representatives, the party must increase consolidation and strengthen the solidity of cadres. "Institutionally our party must continue to increase its consolidation, the second is really strong solidity from party cadres, as our main agenda of fight is for the interests of the party not for each individual," said Akbar.

In addition, the former Minister of State Secretary stated that the legislative candidates from Golkar must implement the right strategy in their respective electoral districts.

"That's what I say, because we have to have a strategy, a strategy to ensure that Golkar's vote increases. The strategy is especially in the electoral districts, because the electoral district is certainly the basis of voters," said he again.

"So with our strategy in the electoral district, those who become legislative candidates in each electoral district must understand the sociocultural society of the voters in their respective electoral areas, by understanding the cultural social of the voters, there we can set the right strategy so that the voters tend to choose our party," he concluded.

One example of the strategy that must be implemented by Golkar legislative candidates, continued Akbar, is to "raise a party program that shows concern and care for the people's aspirations."