Friday, 20 May 2022 | 17:57 WIB

Loose Kite Wire Kills Motorcyclist Instantly Leaving Three Others Critically Injured

Agustami, a victim got electrocuted by loose kite wire

PONTIANAK, NNC -  Kite wire caused a motorcyclist killed on the spot and three other motorcyclists suffered critical injuries and were rushed to the Pontianak Yarsi Hospital not far from the scene of the incident, Friday (1/25/2019) at around 5:30 pm local time, at Jalan Tanjung Harapan, East Pontianak Sub-district.

The dead victim was Agustami (39), a resident of the village of Jalan Tanjung Harapan, Banjar Serasan Village. The other victims were three women named Ely (16), Putri (16) and Fitriani (16).

It was discovered later that the kite line was wire and glass coated. The kite wire was cut loose, stuck to the 20 kV power line network and dangled into the street.

Agustami tried to get rid of the kite wire. When trying to get rid of the kite line that hung into the field, the victim was electrocuted. Then the next three people tried to help her and were shocked by electricity as well.

Pontianak City Resort Police of West Kalimantan is currently hunting the kite flyer that caused the death toll. "I have ordered the East Pontianak Sector Police Chief to trace and thoroughly investigate the case of kite wire causing the death of the victim," said Pontianak Resort Police Chief Senior Commissioner Muhammad Anwar Nasir, in Pontianak, Saturday (01/26) as reported by Antara.

He explained the case must be investigated thoroughly, so that the kite flyer is legally processed. "Because in the two months I served as Pontianak Police Chief, there have been two cases of people who died because of the electrocution by kite wire, the other one was on January 21, 2019 in the jurisdiction of Sungai Raya Sector Police," he said.

Therefore, according to Anwar, he had ordered the East Pontianak and Sungai Raya Police Chiefs to conduct an investigation and hunt down kite flyers due to their negligence which had caused the victims to die.

"In addition, we, together with the Pontianak City Government, also conduct prevention, take action against the kite makers which was previously only done to the players," he said again.

He also threatened that in the future flyers and kite makers would not only be threatened with misdemeanors but rather to provide a deterrent effect with the threat of a criminal offense, because the impact was so great that the person died.

Meanwhile, Pontianak Mayor Edi Rusdi Kamtono said Pontianak City Government was ready to work with Pontianak Police in order to control the players and kite makers in Pontianak.

"We will also revise the Regional Regulation on Prohibition of Kite Flying, which previously only provided mild sanctions for players, but later the kite makers can also be subject to legal sanction," he explained.

Edi appealed to the people of Pontianak City not to play kites anymore, because it had a big impact and jeopardized the safety of the players themselves and others.