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Abrasion Worsens Conditions in West Aceh Coast

Abrasion Worsens Conditions in West Aceh Coast (specia)

MEULABOH, NETRALNEWS.COM - Abrasion that occurred along the coastline of West Aceh District, Aceh Province, is getting worse, as the coastline is unable to contain spilled sea water.

There is no wave retaining dike capable of blocking sea water spilling onto road bodies and residential settlements.

As happened in Suak Indra Puri Village, Pasir Village, Ujong Kalak Village, Johan Pahlawan Subdistrict, until Monday (06/05/2019) afternoon, the condition of a part of a cross-village road body was still buried in sand which was dragged along the sea waves to land.

"It has not been cleaned, the local government has come. But if you look at the conditions on the ground, this tidal wave will continue to occur, even if it's cleaned at this time, surely the road will be buried again by sand," said resident Suak, Indra Puri, Afrizal.

Since Friday (03/05/2019) morning, the tidal wave of natural phenomena has resulted in bajiir rob or floods of inundation in the coastal areas of West Aceh. Rob floods have inundated settlements and homes of residents and roads.

Local people said that the condition will continue for some time to come, this natural phenomenon occurs seasonally in the span of 1 to 2 months during the transition period of the transition from the East to the West.

"The peak is at this time, which was affected while only the house was flooded, there has been no displacement. Today has been slightly reduced from a few days ago," said Suak Secretary Indra Puri, Abdul Kais.

The village government submits a report to immediately make an emergency subscription effort, namely cleaning the road body and taking sand material to be used as a safety cliff from the wave.

In the local village settlements there are 148 heads of households and according to the data on the home field which is submerged by rob floods as many as 10 units, it is possible that it will increase if the full moon tides still occur.

"We have the problem that has been affected by Suak Indra Puri, while the roads which are buried and coastal abrasion are included in the Pasir Village administration area. But we have jointly conveyed that there is a permanent subscription," he added.

Meanwhile the Meulaboh Meteorology Station Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) spokesman Yoga Almaruf said that the phenomenon of the tidal wave was not caused by the East monsoon.

He explained, the presence of air moving from the direction of the Australian continent to the Asian continent or the East monsoon, the East monsoon blows in April to October caused by the presence of the sun in the Northern Hemisphere.

"This monsoon wind brings dry properties because it passes through many deserts so it will cause a dry season. So the tidal / high waves are not caused by the East monsoon winds," said Yoga Almaruf.

Nevertheless BMKG still urges people to be along the coastline to be aware of the impact of the potential high waves, including fishermen who use small boats.