Saturday, 04 December 2021 | 11:13 WIB

Man with Suspected Mental Condition Sets Stepmom and Stepsister on Fire

Man with Suspected Mental Condition Sets Stepmom and Stepsister on Fire (pexels)

MAKASSAR, NETRALNEWS.COM – A troubled man with suspected mental issues named Saiful, also known as Ipul, had immolated members of his step family by spilling gasoline on the family at Lorong 5 Jalan Seroja, Mariso Subdistrict, Makassar, South Sulawesi.

The suspect committed the crime inside his house when his parents were sleeping. The victims were her stepmother, Sania, his half sister Acce, and his grandfather Sattu.

Luckily, the incident attracted the attention of the family’s neighbors, and that victims were rescued and taken to Bhayangkara Hospital in order to get intensive treatment.

It started when Ipul (22) became upset with his motorcycle that did not want to make noise. He tried fixing the motorcycle, but it was still not able to make exhaust noises. Ipul then accused his stepmother of damaging the motorcycle.

"His motorcycle could not make anysound. He then went angry and emotional, went into the house with gasoline and then spilled and burned the furniture, and spilled gasoline to his grandfather and sister," said Rahman, one of the local residents.

When the fire began to spread, Sania who fell asleep startled the house began to be filled with fire and fumes, and saw her daughter began to get burned. She then hugged her daughter to extinguish the fire, but she also got burned.

Seeing the incident, Ipul then ran out of the house, and was caught by residents. However, Ipul still managed to esacpe. A number of residents then came to the rescue by extinguishing the fire and helping the victims.

Currently the three victims are in the Bhayangkara Hospital to get intensive care because of burns on their body parts that reached about 30 percent.

"The kid is a naughty boy, he's been a thug,  and he had stabbed someone here two years ago. He is even a little bit crazy," said Rusdi, another resident, at the scene.

Meanwhile, local police is now in pursuit of Ipul, who had escaped the crime scene.