Wednesday, 23 June 2021 | 21:28 WIB

Social Affairs Ministry Receive 75,000 Face Masks from Rider

Social Affairs Ministry Receive 75,000 Face Masks from Rider (kemensos)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesia Minister of Social Affairs Juliari P Batubara has received 75,000 masks from President Director of PT. Mulia Knitting Factory (Rider). The masks will be distributed to the public through the Ministry of Social Affairs.

"Today for the umpteenth time, we received aid in the form of masks from the private sector, this time Rider. The masks will later be distributed to our units in the field such as the District Social Welfare Workers (TKSK), Social Assistance helpers, and others," he said at the Ministry of Social Affairs Central Office, Thursday (07/30/2020).

Also present at the face mask donation event were Secretary General Hartono Laras, Director General of Social Empowerment, Edi Suharto, as well as President Director of Rider Group Hanan Supangkat.

Juliari said the masks would also be distributed to poor and vulnerable families affected by Covid-19 who received food aid.

"This proves that the government cannot work alone in fighting Covid-19. Therefore, the private sector works hand in hand with the government to help dmpen the impact of Covid-19," the Minister said.

According to him, the cloth masks bear the 75th Anniversary of Indonesia, and are donated by Rider as an effort to help the government prevent the spread of Covid-19 as well as a symbol ahead of the commemoration of Indonesia's independence day.

In accordance with the government's recommendation to enter the New Normal era, people are required to comply with health care packages, one of which is to always wear a mask when leaving the house or carrying out activities outside.

"Although the pandemic situation makes it difficult for some private sectors, Rider as a fabric manufacturer company still pays attention to the community by donating masks. This will be very useful in the New Normal period. Thank you Rider," Juliari added.

On the same occasion, the Minister of Social Affairs also hoped that cooperation between Rider and the Ministry of Social Affairs would be maintained amid efforts to support the government in fighting Covid-19.