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Social Affairs Minister Speaks of Green Social Work at Graduation Program

Social Affairs Minister Speaks of Green Social Work at Graduation Program (kemensos)

BANDUNG, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesia Minister of Social Affairs Juliari P Batubara has appreciated the 2020 Bandung Social Welfare Polytechnic (Poltekesos) Graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony held the theme of Green Social Work which was held online and offline.

"This theme is extraordinary, because it is able to frame complex big ideas, especially the development of the Poltekesos in the future, both the social work education curriculum and the facilities designed on campus II in Soreang Bandung," Minister Juliari said.

This statement was made by the Minister of Social Affairs in front of 385 Applied Social Work Bachelors and 12 Applied Social Work Masters who graduated at the Bandung Poltekesos Campus, on Tuesday (10/27/2020). Senate Open Session Graduation of Graduates of Social Workers 1st Master of Applied Program & Social Worker Study Program of 54th Applied Undergraduate Program 2020

In the context of Green Social Work, said Juliari, Social Workers work together with all elements in the community by respecting all living things and their physical and socio-cultural environments, developing empowerment and sustainable relationships between people and their social environment.

"Also, advocating for the importance of instilling social values ​​in all economic activities, including those aimed at poverty alleviation and promoting environmental and social justice," he said.

Social Affairs Minister Juliari believes that the Bandung Poltekesos will be able to develop these big ideas, because they have many reliable thinkers to achieve future goals.

"I think this is the right time to develop the concept of Green Social Work at the Bandung Poltekesos by integrating the concept of Green Social Work into the Bandung Poltekesos Curriculum," he said.

Currently, Poltekesos Bandung has three Applied Undergraduate Study Programs, namely Social Work Study Program, Social Protection and Empowerment Study Program, and Social Rehabilitation Study Program, as well as one Applied Masters Study Program, namely Social Work Study Program.

To realize this, a curriculum concept is needed, which does not merely reflect the framework of knowledge, skills and values ​​as the basis for the Social Work profession, but is added with the concept of Green Social Work.

"With the Bandung Poltekesos curriculum which has added value, it is also different from the Social Work or Social Welfare education curriculum in various other universities in Indonesia," said Juliari.

However, there is something different from the millennial generation graduates, namely related to the use of technology that is so intense, as if it cannot be separated from the internet. Also, millennials are creative and confident generations who have to work hard in their fields.

"Believe in the creativity that has and an important role for the future of Indonesia, because Indonesia's future depends on the vision and values ​​absorbed during education at the Bandung Poltekesos," said the Minister of Social Affairs.

Minister of Social Affairs Juliari expressed his appreciation to the Bandung Poltekesos for educating students, so that they succeeded in graduating the Master of Social Work Applied and the Applied Bachelor of Social Work.

"Once again I congratulate the graduates. I highly appreciate the Bandung Poltekesos and academicians for their dedication because in the future Professional Social Workers will be born who will build a better Indonesian nation, "said Minister of Social Affairs Juliari.