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Health Ministry Donates to Families of Health Workers Who Died from Covid-19

Health Ministry Donates to Families of Health Workers Who Died from Covid-19 (kemenkes)

BANJARBARU, NETRALNEWS.COM - Special Staff of the Indonesia Minister of Health for the Improvement of Health Human Resources Dr. Mariya Mubarika has provided compensation to the families of seven health workers who died while on duty in providing COVID-19 services on Saturday (11/07/2020) at the Banjarmasin Poltekkes Hall.

On behalf of the Minister of Health, in her speech, Dr. Mariya said that the government regretted the deaths of the health services heroes.

"Apart from that, we also express our gratitude and high respect to all health workers who have worked hard against Covid-19 with high dedication. The state will not forget the services provided by the health services heroes," said Mariya, as quoted from the Ministry of Health's website, on Monday (11/09/2020).

The seven deceased health workers who received compensation are as follows:

- Joko Prasetiyo, AMK from RSUD Dr. H. Moch Ansari Saleh

- H. Mawadri, SKM from the District Health Office. Upper Middle River

- Akhmad Jailani, Amd. Kep ​​from PKM Teluk Tiram, Banjarmasin

- Hairudin, S.Kep, Ns from H. Damanhuri Hospital, Barabai

- DR. dr. Heru Prasetya, Sp.B from RSUD Ulin Banjarmasin

- dr. Aris Sugiharjo, Sp. Pd from H. Damanhuri Hospital, Barabai

- M. Rusdi, S. Kep., Ns from RSUD Ulin Banjarmasin

Farikha Prasetya, the wife of one of the health workers who died, expressed her gratitude for the attention given by the government to her late husband who died while on duty. She advised other health workers to work with sincerity and to be careful while maintaining good health.

She also reminded the public to strictly implement health protocols, as this pandemic is not over and this virus can attack anyone.

Farikha is the wife of the late. DR. dr. Heru Prasetya, Sp.B who is in charge of Ulin Hospital, Banjarmasin. She admitted that along with her husband, she also had contracted Covid-19 when she was eight months pregnant. At that time, Farikha was one of the patients who had no symptoms. Even though they had struggled together, Faarikha's husband passed away on June 8.

"Maybe it's because I have no symptoms, so I can recover more easily, but that doesn't mean we can underestimate this disease," said Farikha.