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Ministry of Health Confirms Five Female Research Professors

Ministry of Health Confirms Five Female Research Professors (kemkes)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Chairperson of the Research Professor Inauguration Council has confirmed five research professors from the Health Research and Development Agency (Litbangkes Agency) on Thursday (12/03/2020) at the Siwabessy Hall, Ministry of Health building.

The five Research Professors are Sri Irianti, SKM, M.Phil, Ph.D in the field of environmental health, Dr. Ekowati Rahajeng, S.K.M., M.Kes in the field of epidemiology and biostatistics, Dr. Rustika, SKM., MKes in the field of epidemiology and biostatistics, Dr. Ir. Yuli Widiyastuti, M.P in the field of medicinal plants and traditional medicine, and Dr. drg. Indirawati Tjahja Notohartojo., Sp. Perio in the field of epidemiology and biostatistics.

Secretary General of the Ministry of Health drg. Oscar Primadi, representing Indonesian Minister of Health, said that what were formulated by the research professors were very relevant to efforts on health developments in the future, from the aspects of detection, prevention, as well as control of health problems.

Oscar also conveyed the hope of the Minister of Health to the Litbangkes Agency that the Research and Development Agency could contribute in recommending innovative health interventions to answer various health challenges and problems.

"I look forward to the results of the research that is fast, up to date, sharp, and on target from the Research and Development Agency," said Oscar when giving an inauguration speech which also took place virtually, as quoted from the Ministry of Health's website.

The first oration was opened by Sri Irianti by delivering an oration with the topic "Innovation of Integrating Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) Program towards Achieving Sustainable Development Goal Six in Indonesia".

According to Irianti, the integration between WaSH elements is an important solution to enlarge the role of WaSH in preventing diseases and health problems. Besides that, as the fulfillment of human rights to live a useful life. The integration of the WaSH program can be a solution to accelerate the achievement of SDG 6 in Indonesia.

In her speech, Ekowati Rahajeng raised the topic of "Strengthening Posbindu PTM in Reducing the Prevalence of Risk Factors for Main Non-Communicable Diseases".

Ekowati said that there are five keys to strengthening Posbindu PTM, namely, increasing the routine of activities, increasing the capacity for education and counseling for officers and cadres, expanding the coverage of target populations, optimizing management of PTM in villages, and implementing a systematic surveillance system.

Furthermore, Rustika gave an oration with the topic "Collaboration for the Control of Risk Factors for Non-Contagious Diseases of Hajj Pilgrims in Support of Health Services".

In her oration, it was explained that collaboration in developing PTM risk factor control for pilgrims needs to involve various sectors. With this effort, it will be able to improve the knowledge, attitudes and health behavior, as well as the fitness of the pilgrims. This can reduce the level of pain and death in the pilgrims.

Then, the topic of the oration of "Development of Simplicia Standard Parameters to Ensure Quality and Safety of Traditional Medicines" was delivered by Yuli.

Yuli explained that guaranteeing the quality and safety of traditional medicines is very important for the authentication of simplicia in preventing the practice of counterfeiting traditional medicinal raw materials in society. The development of simplicia standard parameters can become a reference for the traditional medicine industry and trigger the traditional medicinal raw material industry.

Finally, Indirawati delivered an oration with the topic "Accelerating Control of Oral Health Status Problems Through Individual and Contextual Approaches".

Indirawati emphasized that promotive and preventive efforts in oral dental health must be prioritized according to WHO standards. This effort has been proven to be much more cost effective and is expected to reduce the impact of systemic diseases that manifest in the oral cavity.

"Once again I appreciate the oration of the five Research Professors today as proof of the consistency, commitment, hard work and real work of the HR of the Ministry of Health," said Oscar.

"What is even more proud is that the five professors who are confirmed today are all women, in the midst of multi-role as partner companions, mothers, and workers, are able to achieve the highest degree in a research career," he added.

Closing his remarks, the Secretary General hoped that the inauguration would spur enthusiasm and motivation for other researchers at the Ministry of Health to continue working and contributing to health development and providing their best work for the nation, state and society.

"I hope the Research Professors can play a more role as coaches and motivators for junior researchers, both in terms of expertise and in developing their identity, integrity and professionalism," said Oscar.