Wednesday, 19 January 2022 | 18:50 WIB

Social Affairs Ministry Assists Treatment of 50 Cataract Patients

Social Affairs Ministry Assists Treatment of 50 Cataract Patients (kemsos)

MANADO, NETRALNEWS.COM - As a form of social solidarity, the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs is helping 50 cataract patients at the Olly Dondokambey Steven Kandouw (OSDK) Manado Eye Clinic. The assistance is in the form of free cataract surgery and treatment.

Representing acting Minister of Social Affairs Muhadjir Effendy, Director General of Social Empowerment at the Ministry of Social Affairs Edi Suharto said surgical and treatment assistance for cataract patients was tangible manifestation of the meaning of social solidarity, even in the midst of difficult times.

"This is proof of the true meaning of social solidarity, that in difficult times like now, all elements of society, all levels of society are moved to participate in reducing the burden on society," said Edi while visiting the OSDK Eye Clinic in Manado, recently.

The assistance was provided thanks to the cooperation of the Ministry of Social Affairs with several related sectors, such as the Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF), the North Sulawesi branch of the Association of Indonesian Ophthalmologists (Perdami), and the North Sulawesi Provincial Social Service Office.

Edi Suharto said the Covid-19 pandemic should not be used as an excuse not to contribute to alleviating other problems. "Even though Covid-19 still has to be a priority to overcome, there are other types of diseases that cannot be overlooked and may need assistance, such as this cataract," he said.

By commemorating the National Social Solidarity Day (HKSN) 2020, Edi hopes that voices about the need for social solidarity and the need for mutual cooperation can resonate throughout the country.

"These voices (of solidarity) must be echoed so as to strengthen the unity, integrity and solidarity among all of us," he admitted hopefully.

Meanwhile, Willem Pinangkaan (68), one of the patients who was met after being given free surgical treatment, said he received information about the free cataract surgery and treatment from social media.

"I got information from social media about the Ministry of Social Affairs' HKSN commemoration here (in Manado), including free cataract surgery services. I immediately registered for it," he said, and added that registration mechanism was very easy.

"I only needed to call the number listed on the information, and was immediately scheduled to come today," Willem said.

With the surgery assistance and free medical treatment that Willem received that afternoon, he felt the need to convey his gratitude to those who helped him through the free surgery.

"Thank you to the Ministry of Social Affairs, thank you for caring for us who are affected by cataracts. Thank you to the doctors, clinics for their warm service and without problems," he said happily with emotion.

The 2020 HKSN commemoration was marked by a series of activities since Friday (12/18/2020) morning, starting from the Social Solidarity Month (BBKS) which included the distribution of basic food assistance, PPE, disability aids, school supplies, to KUBE assistance.