Wednesday, 19 January 2022 | 18:02 WIB

Social Affairs Ministry Responds Quickly to Aid Survivors of Sulawesi Earthquake

Social Affairs Ministry Responds Quickly to Aid Survivors of Sulawesi Earthquake (kemsos)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs has prepared daily and basic needs for earthquake survivors in Majene and Mamuju, West Sulawesi. The logistical assistance is sourced from a warehouse in Mamuju, and has been sent from a regional warehouse in Makassar, South Sulawesi, this morning.

Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini has ordered her staff to immediately send Disaster Preparedness Cadets (Tagana) personnel in the surrounding areas, the Psychosocial Support Services (LDP) team, and distribute various logistical assistance. This is a follow up on the magnitude (M) 6.2 earthquake that shook Majene and Mamuju, West Sulawesi.

"The logistical assistance is already on its way to the locations affected by the earthquake. The LDP team reports that they have also moved. We will try to help as quickly as possible to deal with residents affected by the earthquake," said Risma in a press release on Friday (01/15/2021).

Risma added that for first aid, the local Tagana team had carried out an evacuation with BPBD and TNI-Polri. Logistical assistance, such as mattresses, tents, children's equipment, elderly supplies, ready-to-eat food, and others, were sent in phases starting this morning.

"All logistics in the West Sulawesi warehouse are transported to help the survivors. Public kitchens will be set up at the evacuation points. We will immediately inform you of the update. One public kitchen car can cook up to 2,000 packets of rice in one set, so that in a day it can produce 6,000 packaged rice," Risma said.

Risma emphasized that the Indonesian government will provide compensation to victims who died.

"We will continue to update the data, as the team is still collecting data. According to the SOP, victims who die will receive compensation of IDR15 million per person, which will be delivered to the heirs. However, this will certainly be submitted to wait for all data to enter," said the former mayor of Surabaya.

A number of multi-storey buildings in the city of Mamuju, West Sulawesi Province, collapsed due to an earthquake measuring magnitude 6.2 that occurred on Friday, 02.28 Indonesian Central Time.

The epicenter of the earthquake was four kilometers northeast of Majene Regency, West Sulawesi. However, the tremors were felt in Mamuju, Makassar, as well as Palu.