Wednesday, 19 January 2022 | 18:54 WIB

Health Minister Visits Locations of Earthquakes in West Sulawesi

Health Minister Visits Locations of Earthquakes in West Sulawesi (kemkes)

MAMUJU, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesian Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin has visited the site of the earthquake in West Sulawesi, namely the West Sulawesi Regional Hospital in Mamuju.

The arrival of the Minister of Health was to ensure that health personnel are in safe conditions and that health services for earthquake victims are carried out properly.

As it is known, large earthquakes occured in West Sulawesi on Thursday (01/14/2021) and Friday (01/15/2021).

The first earthquake struck at 14:45 Indonesian Central Time, with a magnitude of 5.9. The next day, there was an earthquake with a magnitude greater than 6.2 on Friday (15/1/2021) at 02.28 local time.

The two earthquakes caused a lot of damages and killed a number of people.

According to Minister of Health Budi's observation, the West Sulawesi Regional Hospital was heavily damaged from the earthquake, and many of the hospital's patients were placed outside.

"However, it seems that there is a good tent and friends from the health workers from Makassar have also helped. There are also medicines that are complete so that several operations can be performed here. I thank the doctors and nurses who took the time to come here," Budi said, as quoted from the Ministry of Health's website, on Monday (01/18/2021).

He even asked what needs were needed to deal with the earthquake victims

"I have also listened to their needs. Hopefully we can fulfill it soon so that we can serve the people in Mamuju as well as possible," he said.

Budi also personally invited doctors around the area to come to help. Currently, many doctors are needed, especially orthopedics.

The response from the health sector in handling the earthquake was by activating the health cluster in Mamuju Regency, sending the team to the location at 1:00 p.m. on a Hercules plane. The Ministry of Health also sent 25 ambulances, four tents for orthopedic equipment, orthopedic medicines, and medical logistics.

The health logistics sent to the disaster area to date are orthopedic equipment, orthopedic medicines, 203 tents, family hygiene kits, and immune enhancers (additional food and multivitamins). There are also 86 mosquito nets, 400 hazmat/coveralls, 11,500 surgical masks, 300 face shields, 300 goggles, 300 handscoons, as well as 300 pieces of N95 masks.

In addition there are 30 vests, 30 pairs of boots, 50 safety boxes, 2300 polybags, five electric sprayer and blower, three surgical gown boxes, six surgical drip boxes, three UN padding splin boxes, seven gipsona boxes, and two boxes of softbands.

There is also a genset, two body bags for children, four health post banners, amlodipine 5 mg 1200 tablets, 12,000 tablets of antibiotics, 1000 tablets of CTM, prednisone 5 mg 2000 tablets, 70 bottles of liquid infusion, 3600 sachets of ORS, and hydrocortisone 5 gram 120 tube.

In addition, there are also 265 rolls of hydrophilic gauze, 100 rolls of cotton pads, 600 mg of diclofenac sodium, 72 pots of antifungal ointment, 1,000 vitamin B1 tablets, 100 bottles of paracetamol syrup, five bottles of iodine povidone, five bottles of 300 ml of rivanol, five bottles of Hansaplast strip, contains 50, 5 boxes, 1 package of trauma medicine, and NLEM antacids tablets.