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Social Affairs Ministry Mentors Drug Abuse Victims to Start Culinary Business

Social Affairs Ministry Mentors Drug Abuse Victims to Start Culinary Business (kemsos)

MOJOKERTO, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, through the Satria Baturaden Social Rehabilitation of Drug Abuse Victims Centre (BRSKP), has conducted mentoring for drug-dependency homeless kids in Mojokerto, East Java.

Through the keen mentoring and empowerment, the kids who receive the assistance are now managing Millenial Koffie. Located in Genengan Village, Ganjar Agung Sub-district, Puri District, Mojokerto City, East Java, this monochrome-themed cafe attracts many customers.

The operating of this cafe is related to the central government policy, through the Ministry of Social Affairs, to help homeless kids so that the development complexity of social welfare is not only on the local governments.

“I would like to express gratitude to all friends from the Satria Baturaden Social Rehabilitation of Drug Abuse Victims Centre (BRSKP) who patiently teach the kids. I would also like to express gratitude to the local government that has given the opportunity and place for the kids to grow," said Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini.

The statement was delivered in the official grand-opening of Millenial Koffie on Friday (02/05/2021).

Risma said the homeless kids' mentoring was not only carried by the local government, but also the intervention from the central government. This matter also cannot be separated from the UUD 1945 message for kids well-being.

"It is an effort from the Ministry of Social Affairs to help stray kids so they can grow positively and manage the culinary business independently. We train and facilitate them so that they can be economically independent and have skills. It is also to prevent them from coming back to the streets," she said.

She admits that efforts and hard work are needed to teach the kids with social problems, so that they can stop straying and agree to get the mentoring. "We have to be sincere and determined," the Minister said.

For the kids, the Minister of Social Affairs hopes that they do not give up towards the challenge that they face. God exists and He is fair, says the Minister of Social Affairs. "Nothing is impossible for God. If we are faced with a problem, we have to face it. It is not easy, indeed, but we can overcome it," she said.

In an opportunity to accompany the Minister of Social Affairs, the General Director of Social Rehabilitation Harry Hikmat said that at the beginning of January 2021, the Satria Baturaden Social Rehabilitation of Drug Abuse Victims Centre has reached the homeless kids in Mojokerto City and District.

"From the identification, they usually go down to the road to busking and they are indicated with drug abuse," he states.

There are five homeless kids who are willing to be recovered and to be economically independent so they will not do street-busking anymore. According to the assessment, it can be concluded that the five kids need a social rehabilitation in the Satria Baturaden Social Rehabilitation of Drug Abuse Victims Centre with the targets:

a) To get recovered from the drug addiction,

b) To have adaptive behaviour which is in accordance to the norm and etiquette,

c) To be economically independent by developing the business which they have interest in.

"The five homeless kids in Mojokerto have been doing the social rehabilitation in the "Satria" Baturaden Social Rehabilitation of Drug Abuse Victims Centre for 28 days," Harry said.

During the rehabilitation, there are several therapies done:

a) Physical Therapy: Detoxification, routine health checking, exercises, and self-cleaning,

b) Mental Spiritual Therapy: Mental strengthening and increased worship,

c) Psycho-social Therapy: Individual counselling and group counselling (morning meeting/briefing, PAGE, daily evaluation, weekly evaluation and targets, discussion, meeting resident, and sharing circle).

"They are also being taught many vocational skills, such as barista training, digital marketing training, shoes-making visit and training, and screen-printing training," he explains.

To push their independency after the rehabilitation, the kids receive helps according to their skills and liking with three kids to learn more about the shoes-making and the other two kids to learn coffee shop business.

On the other hand, Mojokerto Regent Pungkasiadi gladly welcomes the Ministry of Social Affairs' effort to empowering the homeless kids with culinary business.

"Thank you to Bu Risma who has done impromptu visits and helped homeless kids in Mojokerto," says Pungkasiadi.

One of the kids, MYA, also expresses their gratitude to the Minister of Social Affairs.

MYA reveals that without Risma’s help, they would have stayed on the streets. "Thank you, Bunda. Because of you, I can have a job and not go back to the street,” says MYA while crying.

In Millenial Koffie, there are some words written by the Minister of Social Affairs on the wall to motivate the homeless kids in their creative-making. "Keep on trying until the failure is afraid of you."