Friday, 20 May 2022 | 17:40 WIB

Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Supports Banyuwangi Festival 2021

Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Supports Banyuwangi Festival 2021 (kemenparekraf)

BANYUWANGI, NETRALNEWS.COM - Amid the pandemic, Banyuwangi is a tourist destination where we do not have to worry about getting infected with COVID-19 coronavirus.

Tourist destination managers at Banyuwangi have applied the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environment Sustainability) practices.

One of the programs that might attract the public's attention is the Banyuwangi Festival.

Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno supports the 2021 Banyuwangi Festival event as an effort to revive the tourism sector and creative economy.

The 2021 Banyuwangi Festival is a tourist calendar that has entered its tenth year by holding 102 events from various attractions. The event uses a colourful hybrid concept which combines both online and offline events. It is done that way to help Banyuwangi citizens show their creativity even though it is in the middle of the pandemic.

"I am really excited to support the 2021 Banyuwangi Festival as a local tourism attraction to revive the tourism sector and creative economy. Banyuwangi and its activity calendar is crowned as the best festival city, and has become a reference of Indonesian tourist destinations," Sandiaga said at an online press conference on Thursday (02/18/2021).

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy explained that the event gives positive impacts to the economy of the people of Banyuwangi. It is supported by 2019 data that shows how the Original Local Government Revenue rose to IDR29 billion, the poverty rate dipped to 7.52 percent, the Gross Regional Domestic Product jumped by 157.5 percent, and per capita income surged 149 percent.

"Therefore, I hope that from the Banyuwangi Festival, we can revive the tourism sector and creative economy, and open job opportunities as wide as possible," Sandiaga said.

He also urges citizens to keep following the strict health protocols as a prevention of COVID-19 contagion, such as 3M (Wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing hands) and 3T (Testing, Tracing, and Treatment). "By following the health protocols, hopefully we can end the pandemic soon," he added.

Meanwhile, Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas said that 2021 becomes a new hope for the revival of Banyuwangi Festival. Using the new technology which is adapted to the new normal and broadcasted with 360° view, the festival can give a new experience and sensation for the participants. By using this technology, the citizens can buy MSME products from their homes.

"This is one of our solutions so that the entrepreneurs in the tourism and creative economy sector can be productive, and the transactions can be done online," he said.