Monday, 27 September 2021 | 16:47 WIB

Commission VIII Visits Social Affairs Ministry‘s ATENSI Center in Bekasi

Commission VIII Visits Social Affairs Ministry's ATENSI Center in Bekasi (kemsos)

BEKASI, NETRALNEWS.COM - The head and members of House of Representatives Commission VIII has visited the ATENSI Creative Centre today. The center is owned by the Indonesian Social Affairs Ministry, and was inaugurated by Indonesian Vice President Ma’ruf Amin.

Commission VIII appreciates the Social Affairs Ministry's determination in realizing the entrepreneurship and vocational development centre along with the media promotion of the benefit receivers' work in one area.

Besides getting to know the ATENSI Creative Centre, Commission VIII also wanted to see the Social Affairs Ministry's role in handling the prone and marginalized citizens.

In front of the commission members, Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini said she has a constitution duty to promote social welfare, especially the prone and marginalized group (People who need social welfare services/beneficiary receivers).

The Social Affairs Ministry is aware of how significant the situation is now, which is in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic that has been going on for more than one year and it is uncertain when it will end.

One of the impacts of the pandemic is that more people are losing their homes.

"The solution for this problem is by making rent flats as the homes for the former scavengers and homeless. We also open jobs opportunities through the ATENSI Creative Centre," Risma said on Wednesday (03/03/2021).

In the ATENSI Creative Centre, there are culinary centre created by the benefits receivers of Bekasi Pangudi Luhur Office, compost stands, liquid fertilizers stand, hydroponic vegetables stand, chicken eggs, and Porang and Grape Plants agro-tourism.

There are also ATENSI Creative Outlets created by the benefits receivers from Cibinong Disabilities Centre, Jakarta Mulya Jaya Work Hall, Bekasi Pangudi Luhur Office, Bekasi Budhi Dharma Elderly Hall, Jakarta Melati Disabilities Hall, Temanggung Kartini Disabilities Hall, and Kumala Foundation.

Commission VIII then visited the culinary centre and tried several favourite dishes. Then, they observed the location of the rent flats building plan for the former scavengers and homeless, which is located right behind the culinary centre.

In that opportunity, deputy chief of Commission VIII Diah Pitaloka said she supports the idea and the steps that the Social Affairs Minister Risma has taken. Diah Pitaloka said Risma is in the middle of pioneering a new approach to help her in the middle of marginalized citizens.

"Besides through social assistance, the Social Affairs Minister also strengthens the services by improving social empowerment now. Empowerment does not have to be expensive. The proof is shown by how the ATENSI Creative Centre does not build a new building. By using mural touch, it looks more creative," explains Diah.

Besides building the ATENSI Creation Centre and rent flats, the Social Affairs Ministry also has done several activities to commemorate the fulfilment of marginalized citizens’ basic rights through ID Card recording for 65 former scavengers and homeless by cooperating with the General Directorate of Citizenship Administration, Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Social Affairs Ministry also sends ready-to-work workers who are the former scavengers and homeless through several steps:

First step: Sending five people to Bekasi Grand Kamala Lagoon.

Second step: Sending 15 people to PT Waskita Karya Tbk

Third step: Sending 42 people which are divided into four groups. The first group with 26 people is sent to PT. Waskita Karya. The second group with five people is sent to PT. Elang Mahkota Teknologi Tbk. The third group with nine people is sent to PT. Otsindo Prima Raya and the last group with one person is sent to PT. Kamadjaja Logistics.

Not only that, the Social Affairs Ministry also helped the account book and ATM card making for seven former scavengers and homeless. In the process of account book making, there are 53 people.

The Social Affairs Minister also tells a story about one family that has succeeded. Riyadi and Heni. Riyadi now works in PT. Waskita Karya whereas his wife, Heni runs a fried catfish and fried chicken business.

"We have tried to give Mr. Riyadi an ID Card as the result of cooperation with the General Directorate of Citizenship and Civil Registration from the Internal Affairs Ministry. After getting an ID Card, we have opened an ATENSI account book for him and the first salary of IDR4,800,000 is sent to the account book. For his wife, she has an average IDR3,000,000 salary," said the Social Affairs Minister.

When the head and the members of Commission VIII visited the ATENSI Creation Centre, there were also the Echelon I of Social Affairs Ministry, Special Staff of Social Affairs Ministry, Secretary of General Directorate Social Rehabilitation, and the Director of Social Disabilities and Human Trafficking Victims.