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Cibinong Youth Organization Empowers Community Through Agriculture

Cibinong Youth Organization Empowers Community Through Agriculture (kemsos)

CIBINONG, NETRALNEWS.COM - On an area of 1.6 hectares, a group of youths from the Karang Taruna (Youth Organization) of Cibinong Subdistrict are engaged in farming and developing fish cultivation, as well as being a facilitator for the surrounding community.

Dian Asmara, Coordinator of the Karang Taruna Command Post, Cibinong District, Bogor, said on Friday (04/30/2021) that the land was managed by five members of the Youth Organization.

There are avocado nursery activities carried out by the community, which are financed by Karang Taruna. The income from the farming is not regulated or limited by Karang Taruna.

"In that sense, they give avocado to Karang Taruna, in the form of gifts," said Dian. This is done by calculating the proceeds from the selling price of the tree seedlings and the people who are seeding them already have the advantage to share. The residents decide how much can be divided for Karang Taruna.

"We don't want a labor system, so they (farmers) are also the owners," he said. So, if people want to have a large income, then they have to take good care of their seeds.

As told by Dian, this activity at Karang Taruna managed to inspire the surrounding community. Thus, it is able to create farmer groups in the community. There are at least seven farming groups, each of which consists of 5-10 members.

Thus Karang Taruna Cibinong District motivates, inspires, and becomes a facilitator for the surrounding community, without dominating. "They are free to sell their produce," said Dian while wiping her sweat after doing activities in the garden during the day.

The activities carried out are not only in agriculture, but also fisheries, namely nursery efforts that are simultaneously assisted up to marketing.

For Dian, there is no longer any thought of going to Karang Taruna just to organize, get together, carry out ceremonial activities. For Dian it doesn't exist anymore.

"I thought why can't we, why can't Karang Taruna?" said the 43-year-old man. So, cultivated an area of ​​1.6 hectares which was originally a bamboo forest to become agricultural land and fish nurseries. As the headquarter / post, originally built a bamboo hut, roofed with used plastic banners that are connected together.

Now, from farming and fish breeding activities, Karang Taruna already has a turnover of Rp. 15 million per month. The income earned, apart from paying for operational costs, is also for the development of new activities.

Like if initially catfish hatchery, the cultivation of tilapia, koi, then goldfish continues. Demand for fish seeds reaches Tangerang and Karawang. The high demand for seeds has made Karang Taruna not have time to raise the fish it maintains.

For agriculture, starting from grapes, butternut squash or honey squash, crystal guava, oranges, avocado, banana varigata, is now also being prepared for chili and other crops. Karang Taruna Cibinong Subdistrict also conducted Tree Dharma activities by distributing 300 honey pumpkin seeds to the community three months ago.

"People who have planted and the plants have produced fruit practice Dharma Buah. Namely distributing the pumpkin fruit to their neighbors who have not yet planted them. Four months ago, Karang Taruna received a shipment of oranges from the assisted farmers. The oranges were distributed to the surrounding community, one kilogram per family head ( KK), "he said.

Talking about cooperation, Dian said that her party had received assistance from a company in East Kalimantan as the first capital of IDR 420 million. "That is our first capital," he said.

Not only economic development. On the education side, the Cibinong Subdistrict Youth Organization also collaborates with the Indonesian Association of Persons with Disabilities (PPDI) to provide guidance and therapy for children with disabilities every Tuesday and Thursday at an agricultural garden hut. The participants cross-district, some from Cibinong, Citeurep, or Bojong Gede. The goal is to help parents whose children with disabilities, but who cannot afford to send their children to special schools.

In this case, Karang Taruna Cibinong District does not charge a fee. Currently there are 22 child participants who are educated by 4 staff from PPDI. They also plan to foster PKK mothers, in order to be able to make snacks with pumpkin raw materials.

It doesn't stop there. In other areas of empowerment, Dian and her friends also provide physical and disciplinary guidance to former drug addicts with various trainings in plantation and fishery facilities there. "After they are completely cured, we help direct them to work or work according to their respective fields," explained Dian. There are many other areas of empowerment they do, such as training in security guards and in the field of private security.

For the various achievements of the Cibinong Subdistrict Youth Organization, in November 2020, the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs appreciated it by providing assistance support of IDR49,600,000, - which came from domestic grants. This grant fund comes from the results of the Free Lucky Draw (UGB) conducted by the business world, whose operating license is granted by the Ministry of Social Affairs. Now, these funds have been used to increase the potential for empowerment activities, manufacture and recondition ponds, as well as purchase fish seeds and broodstock.

In this case, the business world indirectly helps empower the community. "We provide assistance to develop what Karang Taruna has done here," said Director of the Directorate of Social Empowerment for Individuals, Families and Community Institutions (PSPKKM), Serimika BR Karo, at the time of handing over the assistance.

As Social Pillars that are closely related to the implementation of social welfare, Karang Taruna in Cibinong Subdistrict may be an example of Karang Taruna in the present and future. His persistence also deserves to be appreciated, not just an ordinary youth organization, but also a group of youth community facilitators.