Thursday, 17 June 2021 | 05:47 WIB

Social Affairs Ministry Continues Providing Social Services during Eid Holidays

Social Affairs Ministry Continues Providing Social Services during Eid Holidays (kemsos)

BEKASI, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Eid al-Fitr holidays does not stop the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs to provide social services to the public. The Ministry of Social Affairs, through its Technical Service Units (UPT) throughout the country, continues to work and is present to serve the community.

For example, the Budhi Dharma Elderly Social Rehabilitation Center (BRSLU) in Bekasi continues to provide services even though it is a national holiday in the framework of Eid al-Fitr.

Most recently, the Budhi Dharma Elderly Center is currently providing services to an elderly with the initials Shd (61), who has motoric problems due to injuries to his pelvis after falling.

"Mr. Shd came to the center accompanied by a motorcycle taxi driver. In accordance with health protocols, we also carry out swab test. After the result showed negative, we provide services," said Head of the Budhi Dharma Center Pujiyono, in Bekasi, West Java (05/15/2021).

After undergoing swab test, BRSLU Budhi Dharma Bekasi coordinated with the Bekasi City Social Service and Health Office to register the Shd, who qualifies to become a Person Needing Social Welfare Services (PPKS). "The PPKS was referred to Karang Kitri community health center in Bekasi City on March 18, 2021. As a result, the PPKS was referred to Orthopedic Polyclinic at Chasbullah Abdul Majid Hospital, Bekasi City, for further examination," said Puji.

In this process, BRSLU Budhi Dharma personnel provided PPKS assistance to the Orthopedic polyclinic. The results of the examination showed that Shd must receive operational action. Before going to the operating room, Shd must first be examined by the Internal Medicine, Lung and Cardiology Polyclinic.

"On March 29, officers carried out Shd assistance to the Internal Medicine Department of the Bekasi City Hospital. The PPKS inspection results showed that he is in good condition and can be operated. The officers continue to provide assistance until the implementation of the operation on April 15, 2021, "said Triyatni, Functional Coordinator of Budhi Dharma Center.

While in the post surgery room, the center's officers continued to accompany Shd in turns every day. "The officers also helped the PPKS get his basic needs. These include helping fulfill nutrition, change clothes and pampers. The condition of the PPKS is getting better, and it is declared that he can return home on April 20, 2021," Triyatni added.

Since then, further services have been provided to Shd. The Budhi Dharma BRSLU Health Team continued the treatment and provided physiotherapy to Shd. "The PPKS's condition has improved. "Being able to carry out activities independently, the pain has been reduced. He is still using walkers and currently undergoing physiotherapy," she said.

After surgery and treatment, the condition of Shd improved, and he slowly could carry out its daily activities independently.

"The condition of the PPKS is improving. He still requires follow-up physiotherapy as well as assistance and motivation," Triyatni added.

The PPKS continues to learn the way with mentoring and motivation by social workers and extension workers. "The target is to continue to be trained to walk, then walk with 1 stick and then walk without a stick so that he can walk normally," she said.

Budhi Dharma Center is now helping to obtain the Identification Card record at the Bekasi City Population and Civil Registry Office. This process is expected to run normally after the holidays starting next week.

BRSLU now serves a total of 46 PPKS with various conditions, with a variety of services, both physically, physiologically, to their health condition. About 17 people had bedridden status and require more intensive care. However, in general, they get optimal assistance and services.