Wednesday, 19 January 2022 | 18:38 WIB

Social Affairs Ministry Showcases Programs for People with Disabilities

Eva Rahmi Kasim, Director of Social Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities at the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs (kemsos)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, through the Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation, held a Discussion and Evaluation of the Implementation of Law Number 8 Year 2016 on Persons with Disabilities.

Eva Rahmi Kasim, Director of Social Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities at the Ministry of Social Affairs, said her office was trying to implement the law with the issuance of several Government Regulations and Presidential Regulations.

Among these is PP Number 70 Year 2019 on Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of Respect, Protection and Fulfillment of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

There is also PP Number 52 Year 2019 on the Implementation of Social Welfare for Persons with Disabilities, as well as other government regulations and presidential regulations.

"At the regional level, there are also direct services in the communities through the Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) program, namely social rehabilitation services with a family, community, and residential-based approach," Eva said.

Eva conveyed this statement when she was a resource person in a discussion held by Gerindra representatives at the Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta, both offline and online, recently in Jakarta, as stated in a statement received by Netralnews on Wednesday (06/02/2021).

Also attending the discussion were members of Commission VIII of the House of Representatives, the Ombudsman, the Working Group for Persons with Disabilities, as well as other relevant ministries/institutions.

Furthermore, for social rehabilitation services through ATENSI, other programs are integrated, such as social protection and security, social empowerment, and cross-sectoral programs from the central and regional levels.

"Supporting the availability of accountable and sustainable data for persons with disabilities, the Ministry of Social Affairs has the Social Welfare Integrated Data (DTKS) the New DTKS application," she said.

In addition, the government initiates the use of technology in assistive devices for persons with disabilities, encourages the realization of accessibility in the physical environment, transportation, information and communication, and access to other facilities and services.

The government is also developing an inclusive environment in education and employment with the establishment of the Disability Services Unit (ULD).

"The Ministry of Social Affairs, through social rehabilitation centers, has developed the ATENSI Creative Center (SKA) as a center for entrepreneurship and vocational development as well as media for promoting the work of beneficiaries in one area so that people with disabilities can market their work," said Eva.

Deputy Chairperson of Gerindra Hasyim Hadi Joyo Kusumo considered this discussion to mark the fifth anniversary of the enactment of Law No. 8 Year 2016.

"We will continue to oversee the law, which is now in its fifth year, how it is implemented, what is done, and what must be improved," said Hasyim.

The implementation of the law still needs to strengthen the synergy between various parties so that optimal results can be obtained and the communities are more prosperous.