Friday, 20 May 2022 | 18:35 WIB

Social Affairs Ministry Prepares Koi Fish Cultivation for Visually Impaired

Social Affairs Ministry Prepares Koi Fish Cultivation for Visually Impaired (kemsos)

BANDUNG, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, through the Wyata Guna Center Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) in Bandung, has developed training on Koi fish cultivation.

"The training of Koi fish cultivation for the visually impaired is a challenge for capacity building for the visually impaired," said Head of the Wyata Guna Center Sudarsono in Bandung, as in a statement received by Netralnews on Thursday (06/10/2021).

Wyata Guna Center in Bandung fully supports the cultivation program by preparing infrastructure and all other supporting instruments.

"This program is created for all participants with disabilities, not only the blind, as the concept of multi-service is in accordance with the direction of the Minister of Social Affairs," Sudarsono said.

The center also has full support because of the policy direction regarding Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) for those who need social welfare services.

During the training, Wyata Guna Center partners with the Koi fan community to expand their knowledge, skills, and marketing.

"With this network, we will continue to develop ATENSI as an effort to develop attention," he said.

Meanwhile, the target of training can be done a week with knowledge and skills materials and the support of infrastructure. "Training participants should be empowered according to their skills to achieve economic independence," Sudarsono said.

In the future, it also plans on introducing the cultivation of ornamental fish and others. The center is expected to receive support from the ornamental fish fan community.

The training will be carried out as soon as possible, after the preparation process is complete, including modules, criteria, infrastructure, and instructors.

The person in charge of the Koi Fish Cultivation Training, Social Worker Deki Andriansyah, said that the visually impaired can be taught about the business of Koi Fish and other ornamental fish.

"The aim of this training is to take advantage of this training opportunity on Koi Fish for economic independence and improving the welfare of the beneficiaries," said Deki.