Friday, 20 May 2022 | 17:51 WIB

How the Ministry of Social Affairs Effectively Distribute Aid to Disaster Areas

Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini (martinarosa)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini has emphasized that the distribution of aid in disaster areas does not have to be handed over to certain parties. The Minister of Social Affairs handed over disaster assistance to the parties most likely to receive aid.

"Disaster relief and aid can come through anyone. It could be the police chief, it could be the military commander, it could be a public kitchen. Anyone. The important thing is that the aid receivers are certain. In Subang, I gave the aid to the local police as they had opened a public kitchen there," said Tri Rismaharini, also known as Risma, in Jakarta, on Friday (06/11/2021).

For the Minister of Social Affairs, the speed of distribution of disaster logistics assistance to disaster survivors is an important priority. This is because the disaster conditions make the survivors experience all the limitations, and thus the need to get logistical assistance.

That is the reason Risma is not picky about who should receive disaster assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs. This is based on the consideration so that disaster-affected communities can immediately get their basic needs met.

"For me it doesn't matter. The important thing is that people don't go hungry," she said.

This was also done by the Minister of Social Affairs when distributing aid to refugees in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), including Alor Regency. On several occasions, the Minister of Social Affairs explained her efforts to reach Alor Regency, which was one of the regions significantly affected by the Seroja tropical cyclone.

The Minister of Social Affairs really understood the needs of the Alor community for government logistical assistance. She had worked hard to ensure that aid for disaster victims are received by the affected communities as quickly as possible.

Risma said her arrival in Adonara, which was not three days after the disaster, had been greeted with emotional reactions from the community. "Well, it's been more than three days in Alor. However, the vessel I was on was not able to dock," said the Minister of Social Affairs.

With the same consideration, she decided to fly the aid from Surabaya. The reason is that from Jakarta it will take longer, and when the aid arrive at the disaster site, the problem is not as easy as imagined. As it is known, the impact of Cyclone Seroja has not completely subsided, and therefore the port authority had not allowed any shipping activities.

The Minister of Social Affairs then welcomed assistance from Alor Regency Regional Representatives officials who helped distribute aid to disaster survivors.