Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | 13:53 WIB

Malaysia Police Arrest Dozens of Illegal Indonesian Migrant Workers

illustration: Indonesian migrant workers (ist)

NUNUKAN, NETRALNEWS.COM – The Indonesian Consulate in Malaysia has confirmed that dozens of illegal workers had been arrested by Merin Tawau State Police in Sabah, Malaysia on April 13, 2017.

The Indonesian Consul of Tawau, Krisnha Djaelani, said on Saturday (16/4/2017) that as many as 20 illegal workers from Indonesia were arrested by Merin Police officers in Malaysia when entering the country without using legitimate immigration documents.

Information obtained he said, the 20 illegal workers were found when Merin police officers patrolled the waters of Wallace Bay at Sebatik Island inMalaysia using motorized boats to the Kalabakan State of Sabah around 04:50 local time.

"Yes, there is an arrest, I know there are Indonesian citizens arrested by marine police for illegally entering the territory of Malaysia from the media coverage on April 13, 2017," he said.

After learning about this case, his side has sent a letter to the Police Marin Tawau to meet the arrested citizen to provide protection.

As per the information obtained from the state police, dozens of Indonesians who will work illegally in Sabah State Kalabakan region have undergone intensive examination.

"Indonesian Consulate in Tawau has requested consular access to meet the captured citizens but has not been granted access," said Krisnha Djaelani. He regretted the arrest so it would provide legal assistance after getting approval from the country's police officers.

The patrolling officers saw a suspicious motorized boat drove from the direction of Nunukan District, North Kalimantan to Kalabakan Negeri Sabah.

At the time of examination, found 20 people consisting of 11 men and nine women hiding in a condition lying on a boat without using a passport.