Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | 12:58 WIB

Bio Farma Establishes Team to Produce Halal Vaccines

illustration: a baby is given a vaccine (abcnet)

KUPANG, NETRALNEWS.COM – State-owned vaccine manufacturer Bio Farma has established a special team it named Halal Team in presenting halal vaccine products that are free from animal substances in production process.

Rahman Rustan, Corporate Secretary of Bio Farma, in a written statement to Antara in Kupang on Saturday (5/6) explained that the Halal team consists of internal team, external team, and immunization advocacy team to prepare halal certification of the product that is conducted gradually.

In addition, he said Bio Farma has also held internal training and attended external training for certification preparation with several parties such as Majelis Ulama Indonesia and Institute for Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Assessment at MUI.

Rahman said the company is committed to making the production process of Bio Farma products free from the material and animal substances, as the process of research and product development is done by LPPOM MUI.

Other efforts, Rahman continued, include synergizing with various institutions for research and development of halal vaccines.

Rahman acknowledged the issue of halalness of vaccines circulating in the community is a serious issue that must be faced and requires cooperation with various parties ranging from government, society, and ulemas.

"We refer to the MUI fatwa which states that this vaccine is allowed, and is even part of the rights of children. Therefore, the law is mandatory," said Rahman.

He pointed out that the vaccine is a major innovation in the world of health that can reduce the cost of treatment, because the nature of the vaccine that serves to prevent disease.