Saturday, 25 June 2022 | 05:04 WIB

Concerning Death Execution, Attorney General is Accused of Having Political Maneuver

Attorney General M Prasetyo. (Special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Legal Aid of Society or LBH Masyarakat condemns the action of the Attorney General's Office (AGO) which is certain to stage the fourth volume of death execution against a number of prisoners.

LBH Masyarakat also mentioned the statement of Attorney General M Prasetyo who has pocketed a number of prisoners' names to be executed, as a political maneuver.

"The attorney general's remarks are as if political maneuvers to seek popularity amid the poor performance of the Attorney General," said LBH Masyarakat Director Ricky Gunawan in a written statement on Saturday (05/20/2017).

On Friday, May 19 yesterday, Attorney General M Prasetyo claimed to have pocketed a number of names of death row inmates for entry into the fourth volume of death execution.

LBH Masyarakat also stated that there are many important things that should be prioritized by the Attorney General rather than continuing the death execution which is not proven to reduce the number of narcotics crimes.

"First to evaluate the execution of third volume yesterday [previously] which was chaotic, full of problems," said Ricky.

Meanwhile the second, the Attorney General was asked to immediately resolve cases of human rights violations that have not been resolved since decades.

"The Attorney General should settle cases of past human rights violations that become Jokowi's campaign debts as stated in the Nawacita [Nine Priority Programs]," he said.

LBH Masyarakat assessed if Indonesia performs death execution, Indonesia will again get a bad record in the eyes of the world.

Furthermore, LBH Masyarakat asked President Jokowi to stop the fourth volume of execution plan and crack down on Attorney General Muhammad Prasetyo who is considered to have committed legal errors. (*)