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Indonesia Set to Showcase Traditional Spinning Tops in London

Indonesia Set to Showcase Traditional Spinning Tops in London

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - A total of 40 types of spinning tops from all regions in Indonesia will be exhibited at the Indonesia Weekend in London on July 22-23, 2017.

"The spinning tops that will be showcased come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a large gasing weighing five kilograms from Lombok, to the smallest gasing from Kendari," said spinning top collector Endi Aras in Jakarta on Thursday (7/13), who is also participating in the Indonesia Weekend event.

He said that even though the spinning tops came from other countries, Indonesia’s spinning tops have its own uniqueness, starting from the shape, size and how to play it.

Broadly speaking, spinning tops are divided into three types of competitive spinning tops, including fighting, swivel, and sound-making. In terms of shape, spinning tops come in shapes of heart, flat and oval.

"This uniqueness is the main attraction of Indonesia’s spinning tops, so that the visitors are interested to see and learn about Indonesia’s spinning tops," said Endi.

Endi said the Indonesia Weekend event will also hold spinning top attraction games, as well as providing lessons on how to play spinning tops.

In addition, the Indonesia Weekend event will also introduce 15 other traditional games from Indonesia, such as bekel or rubber ball and beads, yoyo, tin can phones, egrang or stilts, marbles, and rope-skipping using rubber ropes.

Other traditional games include galasin, engklek, and ular naga.

According to his experience at Indonesian Weekend last year, although the traditional game section was devoted to attracting the attention of children, many parents also joined.

"In the beginning, children have to ask their parents to play bamboo spinning tops, because these spinning tops have a rather sharp edges. However, in the end, parents are also playing the game, in fact the game booth is always full until the event is over," he said.

This year they will distribute 900 bamboo spinning tops and bamboo gasing and 300 bamboo spinning drums to visitors.