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Psychologist Urges People to Make Peace with Reality to Prevent Suicide

Psychologist Urges People to Make Peace with Reality to Prevent Suicide

MALANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - Cleoputri Yusainy, psychologist at Universitas Brawijaya (UB), has invited all citizens to learn to make peace with themselves and face reality in life even though it is bitter, so as not to inflict self harm or even suicide.

"The phenomenon and rampant suicide cases, especially among students these days are not caused by a single factor. Psychologically we also can not just guess the cause of suicide cases committed by someone,"s he said in response to rampant suicide among students In Malang, East Java, on Wednesday (8/9/2017).

According to Cleo, what underlies human behavior is not just a single cause. However, if a person takes their own life, the psychological theory is to feel the reality around them that they can not control. To recapture that fact, they choose to end their own life.

Cleo suggests it is unlikely that only one cause can make a person commit suicide and not all suicides are triggered by mental issues, as it could be for reasons and other factors. Vice versa, people with mental disorders do not necessarily all end their lives with suicide.

She says the most important is the sensitivity to the environment and friends to recognize changes in a person's behavior. The environment should be responsive to changes in one's behavior, especially people close to the person. "Venting and talking do not necessarily solve every problem, but at least they help to alleviate, and together can find a solution," she said.

Cleo added that treating a person’s depression cannot be done only by talking to the person’s closest people, and even psychologists. Medical treatment is also necessary, since the majority of depression is caused by chemical imbalance.

In addition to suicide, Cleo said, which often occurs in young people [among students] is self-harm . Many have even become addicted to self-harm, which may lead to suicide.

The prevalence of self-harm among students is quite high, which is about 15-20 percent in developed countries. The methods of self-harm can be acts such as slicing the wrist, sanding the skin, pegging the hair worn on the scalp, to excessive drugs and medication.

She acknowledges that there are actually simple and easy things to avoid cases of self harm to suicide, but it is very difficult to implement, namely learning to accept reality and make peace with that reality. "As long as we can come to terms with reality we can also be at peace with ourselves, so that self-harm acts can be [prevented]," he said.

In the last few months, a number of students from different universities in Malang were found dead due to suicide. On Monday (8/7), two students in Malang committed suicide.