Tuesday, 07 December 2021 | 22:19 WIB

Police Admit Terrorism Threats on the Rise Ahead of August 17 Independence Day

Illustration: Special Detachment 88 Counterterrorism of Police Headquarters.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - National Police admitted ahead of the 72nd anniversary of Indonesia's Independence Day, security threats, including the threat of terrorism, are increasing.

The Head of Police Public Relations Inspector General of Police Setyo Wasisto said this. According to him the threats ahead of the anniversary of independence have been seen in social media.

"It has appeared in social media several times that they will attack with a bomb if they have a bomb, if they do not have a bomb with weapons, if they do not have guns with knives or sharp weapons, otherwise they will crash [cars] into [crowd]," Setyo said at the National Police Headquarters, Wednesday (8/9/2017).

He also said the police have prepared several precautions. There's even a plan done, if during the celebration of Independence Day there is a car that is crashing into a crowd.

"Police have anticipated, we also have a tool to anticipate when there are cars that will drive arbitrarily. We have a tool to inhibit it," he said. (*)