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Do You Snore When You Sleep? These are the Remedies for You

Do You Snore When You Sleep? These are the Remedies for You (alodokter)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – If you have trouble snoring during sleep, there is a natural way that can be done to stop it.

Sleep disturbance, also known as sleep apnea, occurs when the airway is repeatedly blocked, limiting the amount of air reaching the lungs, causing breathing to stop during sleep. Anything that prevents you from breathing through your upnose can cause you to snore, including congestion and allergies.

If you're one of those people who snore often, avoid certain foods will help reduce the formation of mucus that narrows your airways and prevents snoring.

As quoted from Boldsky, you just drink apple juice in the morning and before bed. Eating this juice in the morning is the perfect way to get an empty stomach to absorb this nutrient. If you have cholesterol or diabetes, stick to vegetables.

Another drink that can be made yourself by mixing two apples, two carrots, a quarter lemon, and a piece of ginger. Put all the ingredients into the blender and drink a few hours before you sleep.

Another way is by eating some foods before bedtime. However, you should really avoid these foods at night, such as chocolate milk products, fried foods, processed foods, flour and sugar products and excessive alcohol.