Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | 15:06 WIB

Govt Declares Diphtheria Extraordinary Occurrence, Currently 32 Dead

Government declares diphtheria extraordinary occurrence, 32 people are dead.

JAKARTA, NNC - The government set the status of extraordinary occurrence (KLB) in the diphtheria case with the discovery of 593 cases and 32 cases were fatal.

Director General of Disease Prevention and Control at the Ministry of Health Muhammad Subuh revealed that of 593 cases of diphtheria diseases occurred throughout the year it seems depending on the season.

In addition, the bacteria "corynebacterium diptheriae" also do not pick certain ages when infecting someone. Ministry of Health data showed diphtheria struck at the youngest aged 3.5 years and the oldest 45 years.

Then why diphtheria disease ever disappeared from Indonesia reappears again? According to Subuh, one of the main factors is the declining immunity of the population in a region. There is an immune gap against diphtheria in a group so that bacteria are susceptible to attack.

One of the major preventions for diphtheria is immunization. The Indonesian government has successfully eliminated diphtheria from the country in 1990 where a massive immunization program was promoted by the government, including diphtheria immunization given to newborns.

"But diphtheria disease re-emerged in 2009, and gradually increased in number of years until what happened at the moment," said Subuh, Sunday (12/10/2017).