Wednesday, 22 September 2021 | 09:04 WIB

Can Diabetes Patient Consume Brown Sugar?

Diabetics should continue to monitor their blood sugar.

JAKARTA, NNC - It is said that other sugar substitutes such as brown sugar or honey are safe for diabetics. But is it true that brown sugar is safe for those with diabetes?

Brown sugar is the residue left behind from boiled sugar cane juice.

Brown sugar is not processed and contains all the essential nutrients such as potassium, calcium and iron. Although it is definitely healthier, it turns out that brown sugar have the same effect on our body as sugar. Therefore, brown sugar is also not recommended for diabetics.

Reported from the page Boldsky, Monday (12/18/2017), brown sugar is used as an ayurvedic medicine because of its nutritional value, but this is definitely not for diabetics. So you should avoid sugar and all sugar substitutes as well.

The nutritional content of brown sugar is slightly different from sugar. Total calories present in 10 grams of brown sugar is 38.3, 97 percent sugar. Because of lack of awareness, many diabetics consume brown sugar when they crave sugar.

Brown sugar can be consumed in very small portions, as well if followed by a 15-minute brisk walking exercise to help the body take advantage of the excess sugar. Just because it's healthier than refined sugar, diabetics are still not advised to eat brown sugar.

To note, diabetes is a disease caused by unhealthy lifestyles.

Our bodies secrete a hormone called insulin that converts sugar into food into glucose. Diabetes is when our body ceases to secrete insulin or become insensitive insulin, the sugar in the food is not converted into glucose and the excess sugar in our body causes many dangers.

It works by slowly damaging our internal organs, blocking the arteries, damaging the delicate heart tissue and also raising our blood pressure. If not managed, diabetes can be fatal.