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Home Remedy to Help with Snoring

Snoring is often associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

JAKARTA, NNC -  Snoring is not a serious problem if it only happens occasionally when we are tired. However, snoring is usually associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. (OSA). OSA is a type of sleep disorder that affects breathing.

OSA sufferers themselves will often experience sudden stops of breathing repeatedly during sleep. Each breath break lasts for more than 10 seconds and results in a decrease in the supply of oxygen. OSA becomes serious when it occurs more than five times per one hour of sleep.

Herbalist Etty Bachetta said 45 percent of adults usually snore when they sleep. People who are prone to suffering from OSA in general are men aged over 45 years or women who have menopause.

Therefore, there some things that need to be considered to avoid OSA, such as arranging a comfortable sleeping position, sleeping in a sloping position to the right, avoid sleeping too late, drink plenty of water, and do breathing exercises like taichi.

In addition to medical treatment, according to Etty, snoring can also be treated in a natural way, namely by consuming turmeric. This type of spice with the Latin name Cucurma domestica val contains many essential oils and kurkuminoid. The yellow color that dominates turmeric comes from curcumin, while the turmeric rhizome contains protein, calcium and phosphorus.

To treat OSA or snoring conditions, patients can consume a traditional remedy of turmeric mixed with honey. The ingredients should be taken three times a day regularly for one full month.

Turmeric can help smooth breathing and relaxes the body. It also has antiseptic content that serves to regenerate damaged or dead cells making it easier to heal and process inflammation and infection of wounds.

Not only serves to treat snoring patients, turmeric also benefits people with diabetes mellitus, typhoid, appendix, dysentery, vaginal discharge, menstruation, tonsil, and able to prevent leukemia, destroying toxins and harmful chemicals in the body, to help lose weight, too.

Honey Turmeric Recipes (For 1 portion)


2 segments of tumeric, peel the skin

2 tablespoons of pure honey

How to make:

1. Grate the turmeric, squeeze the water up to two tablespoons

2. Combine turmeric juice with two tablespoons of honey

3. Drink the concoction three times a day for a month on a regular basis