Saturday, 25 June 2022 | 11:51 WIB

Allergies Can Inhibit Growth of Children

Allergies Can Inhibit Growth of Children (hellosehat)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - World Allergy Organization (WAO) SAYS allergies in children must be known from an early age, as it can inhibit growth if it is anticipated too late.

Allergies can be caused by food or drinks, but it can also be due to poor air conditions like in Jakarta today.

"The problem of allergies to children today is not only a problem in Indonesia, but also has become a global problem," said Kalbe Nutritionals Senior Brand Manager Dewi Angraeni in Jakarta.

Allergic conditions and reactions related to food can differ from one individual to another individual.

Therefore, she explained that allergies are topics that need to be routinely discussed by parents, so that they understand that allergies can be basically overcome and can prevent children inheriting their allergic talents.

"Parents need to be understood so that children with allergies can continue to grow optimally," Dewi said in a seminar on child allergies organized by Morinaga.

Dewi said that giving honey to children can help the process of cell growth and body tissue to fight the source of allergens or histamine which causes allergic reactions.

"By consuming honey, children are expected not to get sick easily due to allergic reactions," Dewi said.

The results of a survey of housewives of children who have dairy milk allergy, nearly 100 percent agreed to give soy milk to reduce allergy symptoms.

Morinaga Japan in collaboration with Kalbe is currently releasing soy milk products that are specifically intended for children who are allergic to dairy milk.