Monday, 21 June 2021 | 04:19 WIB

Research: Vaping May Trigger Lung Inflammation

Research: Vaping May Trigger Lung Inflammation (wikimedia)

JAKARTA, NNC - Researchers say that using vape or electronic cigarettes is more dangerous than tobacco cigarettes, since the flavorings found in electric cigarettes can trigger lung inflammation.

The warning came after research conducted on mice showed that there were addictive compounds, including flavorings, which caused lung inflammation that was the same or worse than the use of tobacco cigarettes, as reported by Leicestermercury.

This battery-powered device is often promoted as a tool to help smokers get out of the bad habit of smoking tobacco.

The Greek research team said the use of electronic cigarettes in the short term turned out to be the same or even more destructive than they should be.

"The detrimental effects observed in the lungs on exposure to electrical cigarette smoke in animal models highlight the need for further investigation into the safety and toxicity of devices that are developing rapidly throughout the world," said the research representative Dr. Constaninos Glynos.

They stimulate traditional cigarette suction by removing steam from liquid chemicals in refill containers containing propylene glycol, nicotine, and many flavors.

Propylene glycol--a colorless and odorous additive compound--is found in various processed foods and beverages. This compound is used as a solvent in a number of drugs.

The findings, published in the American Journal of Physiology--lung cells, showed that electric cigarettes and flavor refills were not regulated properly--and no known long-term effects on health.

So, the researchers compared several groups of mice that received whole-body exposure to various chemical combinations for four times each day, with each session separated by a smoke-free interval of 30 minutes, the Mirror said.

"Electric cigarettes are said to release harmful nicotine or as a new tool to stop smoking. However, our findings suggest that exposure to vapors from electronic cigarettes triggers an inflammatory response and affects the respiratory mechanism. In some cases, additional flavorings in electronic cigarettes exacerbate the adverse effects of these cigarettes," continued Dr. Glynos.

The results of the study on other groups that received exposure to tobacco smoke and three other groups of electric cigarettes with propylene glycol and tobacco flavorings for three days to four weeks showed that there are inflammation, mucus production and changes in lung function.

"We conclude that both electric and conventional cigarettes have a negative impact on the biological condition of the lungs," said Dr. Glynos.

Although the UK Health Agency said that 95 percent of electronic cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes, they suggested that smokers consider switching to e-cigarettes to stop smoking.

However, critics warn that electric cigarettes can cause lung disease, cause nicotine addiction, or smoking access for children, as reported by Antara.