Monday, 08 Augst 2022 | 17:17 WIB

Poverty is One of the Factors that Trigger Mental Illness

Poverty is One of the Factors that Trigger Mental Illness (wikimedia)

MUKOMUKO, NETRALNEWS.COM - Mukomuko District Social Service in Bengkulu Province reports that poverty is suspected to be the biggest cause of people experiencing mental disorders in the region.

"The cause is mostly economic factors that become the burden of the mind, which then triggers mental disorders," said Suyoso, Secretary of Mukomuko Social Service.

Since 2015, the local Social Services have handled as many as 52 people who have mental disorders in the region.

Suyoso said other factors that trigger mental disorder include hereditary factors from parents. However, most of the mental disorder cases are related to economic factors.

He said at first they were normal. They begin to experience mental disorder as adults and when they have a family.

He mentions such a mental disorder from the village of Pondok Tengah, District V Koto on behalf of Jubaidah. At the time she was still healthy, she was in elementary school, and had no symptoms of mental disorders.

"She began to have mental disorders after she got married because of alleged poor family economic conditions," Suyoso added.

Suyoso continued that the agency has been handling the maximum number of people suffering from mental disorders since 2015. Of the 15 people who suffered mental disorders in 2015, as many as 10 people were healed.

In 2016, the agency was treating as many as 30 people who suffered from mental disorders, as many as 60 percent of whom recovered.

"This year only one in eight people has been treated, the rest will follow," he said.

Suyoso said the local government received assistance for the treatment of mental disorders from Bina Laras Foundation of Bengkulu City under the Ministry of Social Affairs.