Wednesday, 22 September 2021 | 08:41 WIB

Coronavirus Outbreak Triggers Shortage of Thermometers

Coronavirus Outbreak Triggers Shortage of Thermometers (hellosehat)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The recent outbreak of Covid-19 coronavirus has caused a shortage of thermometers in the markets.

This is attributed to the many people and institutions that buy and use thermometers at houses, malls, and offices to measure body temperature.

Maga, a Matraman resident, said that she had searched for thermometers at various pharmacies near her house, but none had those devices available.

"There are already around seven pharmacies from variuos brands and makes, but all types of thermometers are empty, sold out, or unavailable," Maga said to Netralnews.

Lia, a resident from Bintaro, also said there is a shortage of thermometers in her area. Several pharmacies that she visited did not have any thermometers available. "The supply had ran out two days ago," she said.

A similar expression was made by Ayu, a Depok resident who had difficulty finding a thermometer. "Already gone to around 10 pharmacies, and there are no thermometers left. Whereas, masks and thermometers are the most important right now."

Dodi, a Bandung resident added, "The thermometers are missing from the markets. Even if there is some supply, the price is 10 times more expensive. "

The price of an ordinary thermometer is around IDR15,000, while top-brand thermometers can cost around IDR50,000. But now, even though there are, the price of branded thermometers can reach IDR300,000, while non-branded thermometers are sold out in the markets.

Meanwhile, as quoted from Fungsimedia, a thermometer is a tool to measure body temperature and temperature changes. The working principle of the thermometer is diverse, the most commonly used is the mercury thermometer

Thermometers help you to find out whether your body temperature is cold or hot, which can be a help to overcome the next problem. In everyday life, not many people use this device.