Saturday, 25 June 2022 | 11:42 WIB

Neurologist Reminds Of Early Detection and Prevention of Stroke

Neurologist Reminds Of Early Detection and Prevention of Stroke (pixabay)

BANDA ACEH, NETRALNEWS.COM - Early prevention for stroke can be done by everyone. One of the ways is by living a healthy lifestyle, said dr. Farida, Sp. S (K).

"Aceh is one of the provinces in the country with the highest rate of stroke patients, one of the causes of which is unhealthy lifestyle," she said.

Farida explained that stroke is a disease caused by cerebral vascular disorder. Stroke can be divided into two types, namely blood vessel blockage called ischemic stroke, and rupture of blood vessels called hemorrhagic strokes.

According to the neurologist, early detection for symptoms of stroke is important. "Stroke can be prevented, and strokes can also be healed," she said.

Farida said people should be aware of the symptoms of a stroke, such as one side of the face or mouth drooping, numbness or weakness in your face, arm, or leg, especially on one side, confusion or trouble understanding other people, difficulty speaking, trouble seeing with one or both eyes, problems walking or staying balanced or coordinated.

She also hopes that all district/city hospitals in Aceh have CT-Scan facilities so there is no delay in handling strokes.

"Delay in treatment of stroke will have fatal consequences, including disability and death," said Farida, as quoted by Antara.