Friday, 28 January 2022 | 16:07 WIB

The Three Requirements before Starting Weight Loss Program

The Three Requirements before Starting Weight Loss Programn (pixabay)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Many people think that when they want to lose weight quickly, they must do lot of physical activity. However, dr. Rika Haryono, SpKO, sports medicine specialist, says losing weight quickly will be very dangerous for the body.

So the recommended weight loss is gradually and still maintaining the rules of health. Excessive weight loss, e.g with excessive exercise, can cause muscle injury.

Meanwhile, an unbalanced diet causes indigestion, to take slimming drugs that can cause interference in the body.

There are at least three conditions a person needs to meet to lose weight. The first condition is indeed a condition of weight gain and obesity. The second requirement is to do diet and exercise properly and correctly.

While the third condition is to commit and responsibility to yourself so that goal can be achieved.

Then, the speed of weight loss was no normal physiology. To get rid of fats that already stick in the body requires a time of burning metabolism, which requires physical activity.

If weight loss is too fast, it is feared not fat loss, but water or other components in the body such as glycogen or muscle reserves.

In addition, weight loss too quickly will make the body surprised. As a result metabolism becomes slower and weight loss becomes bad. If the weight loss program is done properly then it will not cause side effects that endanger the body.

But if done wrongly, such as not consuming enough energy and other nutrients it can cause the body to experience hypoglycemic or blood sugar levels fall below normal. This is what makes the body weak, shaking, even fainted.