Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | 14:06 WIB

Poverty Looms Over 65 Million People in Southeast Asia

Poverty Looms Over 65 Million People in Southeast Asia (jurnal)

JAKARTA, NNC – As many as 65 million people in Southeast Asia are at risk of falling into poverty, as they can not access expensive basic health services.

Poonam Khetrapal Singh, WHO Regional Director for Southeast Asia, said these people needed to dig deep into their own pockets to buy drugs, especially those suffering from diseases such as heart problems and diabetes.

She said that there is a lot of effort to increase the availability of human resources for health, as well as improving the skills of health workers and support personnel. It is also necessary to ensure that health workers and support personnel are willing to settle in rural and inaccessible areas to ensure quality health services for everyone wherever they are.

"Nearly half of the population in Southeast Asia have not yet gotten full access to basic health services," Poonam said.

According to Poonam, the underprivileged and rural communities have more limited access than high income and urban residents.

Therefore, WHO encourages all member states in Southeast Asia to step up efforts to bring universal healthcare coverage to provide quality healthcare for everyone, anytime anywhere, without any financial difficulties.