Wednesday, 19 January 2022 | 18:56 WIB

Israel Continues to Attack Iranian Army in Syria

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

JERUSALEM, NNC - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday (7/19) told Russian President Vladimir Putin over the phone that Israel will continue to wage action against Iran's military presence in Syria.

Netanyahu revealed that he and Putin discussed the development of the region as well as the situation in Syria.

During his visit in Moscow on July 11, Netanyahu told the Russian leader that "cooperation between us is a key element in preventing uncontrolled tension and the decline of this issue and other situations".

Syrian state media has accused Israel of carrying out a night-long attack on July 15 to a military position in Aleppo province in northern Syria.

Meanwhile, Israeli media quoted Syrian rebel forces as saying that 22 people were killed in the attack, including nine Iranians.

The Israeli Armed Forces did not comment on the report.

Netanyahu has repeatedly asserted that Israel will not allow Iran to set its military presence on any territory in Syria, Antara reported.