Wednesday, 19 January 2022 | 18:55 WIB

Israeli Missiles Destroy Syrian Military Installations in Mesyaf

Israel launched missile attack

DAMASCUS, NNC - Israeli missiles attacked the area in Mesyaf Region, Central Syria, on Sunday (7/22/2018).

The official SANA news agency reported the attack caused damage to the installation of a military defense factory.

"Pro-government activists say the Israeli attack was aimed at a military defense plant in Mesyaf," Xinhua reported Monday (7/23) morning.

The activists said the Syrian air defense system in Homs province in the central part of the country responded to the missile strike and intercepted several missiles.

Previously, Israel attacked an air base in Aleppo province in northern Syria and one more airfield in Homs in July. Israel has repeatedly declared its military "assaulting weapons and Iranian fighters in Syria".

Israeli officials explained that they "would not tolerate Iranian influence in Syria".

But Syrian government officials have repeatedly said the targeted area is the Syrian base, and the dead soldiers were Syrian citizens.