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Toronto Raptors NBA Championship Parade Marred by Shooting

Toronto Raptors NBA Championship Parade Marred by Shooting (special)

TORONTO, NETRALNEWS.COM - A shooting has took place near Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, Canada, on Monday (06/17/2019) local time, amid a celebration of the parade of the Toronto Raptors basketball team that had just won the NBA basketball competition.

Toronto Police delivered the news through cuitan in their official Twitter account, @TPSOperations, which said at least two people were victims of serious shootings but their lives were not threatened.

The shooting took place on the Bay road and Albert Street near the Nathan Phillips Square, and the local police had arrested two suspects, and also seizing two firearms.

Nathan Philipp Square is the final destination for the Raptors championship parade.

The gunfire had caused panic from residents who attended the parade and the event, which was entering the victory speech section, was delayed, although it was continued.

The Toronto police are currently carrying out further investigations into the incident.