Saturday, 25 June 2022 | 12:03 WIB

Japan Uses Wood Sugar to Combat Obesity

Japan Uses Wood Sugar to Combat Obesity (thebluediamondgallery)

TOKYO, NETRALNEWS.COM - Obesity does not only affect a person's appearance, it in fact also causes various dangerous diseases. Therefore, no wonder if the prevention of obesity becomes the main focus in the prevention of diseases in Japan.

"The main focus of health in Japan is the prevention of diseases, also called Mibyou Control. Prevention of obesity is a major point in preventing diseases," said Dr. Yoshihisa Asano, PhD, DPH., Medical Scientist, Biochemist.

"And one way to prevent obesity is to regulate a balanced nutritional intake and in accordance with the needs of the body," added Yoshihisa who is also a Nutritionist, and founder of the Noguchi Medical Research Institute, Tokyo.

Dr. Yoshihisa said current food innovation has been able to produce sugar without calories that are not absorbed by the body. Sugar derived from plant fiber is called wood sugar.

"Wood sugar is a new type of sugar derived from plant fibers, obtained from coconut shell extract, bamboo stems, corncobs, and other plants," explained Dr. Yoshihisa.

One of the properties of wood sugar, continued Dr. Yoshihisa, is not absorbed directly by the body. Even previous research proves if the consumption of wood sugar can inhibit the increase in blood sugar levels.

"Because it can maintain blood sugar levels, it is safe to use as a substitute for sweeteners for people with diabetes, and also can increase the amount of good bacteria (probiotics) in the intestine, which serves to maintain the metabolic system and increase endurance," concluded Dr. Yoshihisa.