Sunday, 05 December 2021 | 11:22 WIB

In the UK, Women Donate More Money at the Office than Men

In the UK, Women Donate More Money at the Office than Men (pixabay)

LONDON, NETRALNEWS.COM - According to a poll made in the United Kingdom (UK), women allocate more money to charities in the office than men do.

Approximately 66 percent of women give money for charity collection at work compared to 49 percent of men, according to the Charity Aid Foundation (CAF), which surveyed 1,079 people across the UK. The poll, conducted by YouGov, said nearly 60 percent of workers in Britain spent about 46 pounds a year for a requested charity in their workplace, either through cake sales, direct donations or by sponsoring a colleague.

"The demand for donations at the office is part of the workplace culture, and millions of us will sponsor a colleague who is raising money for a good cause, buying a cake or putting a dime in the charity box," said Klara Kozlov, head of corporate clients at CAF in a statement.

"We know from previous research that charity at work is not only a great way to support a good cause, but it also really boosts morale," she said.