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The Trending Marijuana Farm Tour in Jamaica

The Trending Marijuana Farm Tour in Jamaica (wikimedia)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - In Indonesia, marijuana or cannabis is classified as narcotics, and is considered illegal for consumption.

In fact, Indonesians caught consuming marijuana will be arrested by the authorities and given strict sanctions.

However, in Jamaica, in the country where Bob Marley was born, tourists can visit and take a tour of marijuana plantations.

As quoted from Dailymail, marijuana farmers in Jamaica have enthusiastically offered marijuana tour packages. This cannabis tour will take tourists to explore marijuana fields.

In addition, visitors are also invited to enjoy high-quality marijuana such as the purple kush and pineapple skunk.

Moreover, visitors will also be taught how to smoke cannabis.

A cannabis farmer has offered marijuana tour for US $50 per person.

Although considered illegal, Jamaica's marijuana is a popular complement of reggae and beach music. In fact, according to its citizens, selling cannabis can help improve their economy.

One of the eccentric tourist sites is in the area of Nine Mile, an area famous as the birthplace of legendary Reggae figure Bob Marley.

In addition to Nine Mile, the city of Negril also became one of the famous marijuana tourist sites in Jamaica. Remarkably, a company called Jamaica Max claims that his company is able to arrange a package of marijuana tours in Negril. Interested?