Wednesday, 29 September 2021 | 08:13 WIB

This Arthritis Drug May Reduce Deaths from COVID-19 Coronavirus

This Arthritis Drug May Reduce Deaths from COVID-19 Coronavirus (sehatq)

LONDON, NETRALNEWS.COM - Tocilizumab is considered capable of reducing the death cases caused by COVID-19. According to some experiences, for every 25 patients who are frequently treated with tocilizumab along with steroids, they can be saved, several experts said.

Several hospitals are trying this method. Besides increasing the lifespan and recovery time, tocilizumab can prevent the patients from severe conditions, says the doctors from National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom.

Wendy Coleman (62) was hospitalised last year due to severe COVID-19 in Chesterfield Royal Hospital. She admitted to have hard time breathing and nearly to be placed in the intensive care unit.

"After I was treated with tocilizumab, my condition got better and stable. At that time, I was really afraid because I was not sure whether I could make it alive or not," she said, as quoted from BBC on Friday (02/12/2021).

The researchers said there are half of COVID-19 inpatients who might get advantages from the treatment. They have done clinical tests on more than 4,000 volunteers like Wendy and the result is "amazing."

All these COVID-19 patients were given tocilizumab through infusion, along with the usual treatment which is a steroid drug called dexamethasone. Then, the group is compared with another group that does not get the new drug. The result shows that tocilizumab might reduce the death risk.

Professor Martin Landray, Head of Joint Investigators from medical trials and experts at the University of Oxford, said that if it is combined, the effect is huge.

"This is good news for both patients and health workers in the United Kingdom and all over the world,” he says.

An Intensive Care Medical Staff in Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge, Dr. Charlotte Summers, also considers this finding as an amazing big step. "This therapy might let people out from the intensive care unit," she says.

The drug can reduce inflammation which causes an overdrive and damages to the lungs and other organs in COVID-19 patients. The preliminary trial results will immediately be reported to the peer-reviewed medical journal.

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock says that his sides are working with the colleagues in all health systems and sectors to ensure that every NHS patient who needs treatment can access it. The purpose is to reduce the pressure of NHS patients and to increase the potency to save thousands of people